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    Forum Rules And Guidelines.



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    Forum Rules And Guidelines.

    Post  Red on Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:47 am

    These are the rules of Security-Shell and all Staff expect you to follow these rules at all times. Failure to do so will result in a suitable punishment.
    All Staff decisions are final, and repeat offenders will be banned.

    Please Note:

    These rules are subject to change without notice as the community grows and changes. Please be mindful of this and make sure to check back regularly.

    - The language of Security-Shell is English, and nothing else.
    - Please make sure you post in the correct forum.
    - Search before you post to prevent duplicate topics.
    - Post a kind comment in the thread if you download something good.
    - Help out the new members if they are unsure or need assistance.
    - This is a community, no flaming is appreciated, or allowed. (Boiler room is the only exception to this).
    - The use of a proxy is a bannable offence, no questions asked.
    - ALL links to other sites must be coded. No live links are allowed except for links to internal pages.
    - Bumping of threads is not allowed.
    - Referral links of any kind, are not allowed.

    We've recently had issues with members advertising their site through PM, and on the site itself.
    - Advertising your website through the PM system is strictly forbidden. Users found doing so, however minor the case may be, will be banned without warning.
    - Advertising your website through the shoutbox system is also forbidden. If you are found doing it, you will be banned from the shoutbox.
    - Advertising your website through the posting system is not allowed. The only time another sites URL is allowed is when it's the password. If it's a "fake" non existent password just to post your URL, your posts will be deleted and your account possibly banned.
    - If you see an advertising PM, hit the report button to the bottom left of the PM!

    If you see a user violating the Advertising rules, please contact the Staff immediately.

    - Hotlinking preferred
    - No offensive images.
    - No advertising in your avatar.
    - Make sure your avatar has a point.

    - Your signature can consist of a maximum of one image
    - Text must be limited to a size no bigger than 2
    - If your signature image has to be resized, it's too big, and is not allowed
    - You are not allowed to have any type of referral/advertising link in your signature
    - Text must be limited to a maximum of one color
    - Please do not RIP other peoples sigs and claim them as your own.
    - Any advertising in your signature will result in an infraction and your signature being reset.

    - Coding Links Required
    - Make sure you display a password clearly.
    - Please post a description and an image with your download.
    - Mirrors to your download are preferred and appreciated.
    - Take care in quality of post, if it's unorganized or in a total mess the post will be deleted.
    - Spamming [As in a pointless post] will result in an infraction and repeated 'spams' will result in a ban.
    - Make sure your downloads work. Dead links are counted as spam and you will be warned.
    - Freeware Welcome
    - Phishers will be banned without question(Remember that you are responsible for what you post!)

    - No flaming, cursing, or threatening other members.
    - Make an active contribution to the thread and continue the chat.
    - Don't go Offtopic in a thread, stick to the purpose of the thread.
    - Make sure the thread topic is clear and precise on the purpose of the conversation.

    - Pretty much anything can be sold (unless it's highly illegal content such as underage porn.. use discretion.)
    - Credit cards, debit cards, and bank accouns are strictly not allowed. You will be permanently banned for trying.
    - Selling accounts (namely) Rapidshare through the "Simple task" system is not allowed.
    - Darkcode is not responsible for your transaction. We will not reimburse you if you're scammed. Scammers will be banned without question on proof. Take caution! Look for trusted shops (ie, megathreads).
    - We reserve the right to disallow users from using the Marketplace.

    - No Spamming [Suspension From Shoutbox]
    - No Advertising [Ban rules apply]
    - No Flaming or Arguing [Suspension From Shoutbox, and Infraction On-site]
    - No Swearing [We're an all ages site]
    - No Posting Download Links, use the appropriate section.
    - Make your 'shout' clean and legible.
    - No Requesting.

    - Make sure it's not already found. Use the Search button.
    - Please make sure you provide as much information as to what you want as you can.
    - Requesting a program name only, will result in deletion. Post information.
    - Be appreciative to those who have found your request. Say thanks.

    - Warnings are to serve as a quick reminder of the rules for mistakes.
    - Infractions are to serve as a more formal warning for breaking of the rules.
    - If you are banned and you create a new account you will be IP Banned.
    - 3 active infractions will result in an automatic 2 week site ban.

    If you break any of the rules you will be warned, infracted, or banned at the Staff's discretion.
    If you feel a warning is unfair, contact the Moderator who issued it.

    - If you have any problems with the site itself [Server wise] then PM an Admin.
    - If you have problems with another member please PM a Super Mod.
    - If you have a problem with any threads of posts please Pm a Super Mod.
    - If you have problems with a section please PM the Moderator of that section or a Super Mod.
    - If you are unsure about the category your PM fits in please by default contact a Super Mod.

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