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    ProRat Tutorial


    Hassan A.K

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    ProRat Tutorial

    Post  Hassan A.K on Fri Jul 03, 2009 10:32 am

    Download Prorat: ?yw2ygkly50w
    first , let me explain how prorat works.
    yo must have the server that i am about to show you how to make running on the victims CPU in order to connect.
    once server.exe has been opened, an email will be sent to u with the victims IP adress and their port.
    first, click "create" at the bottom of the screen, and then click server.
    then , uncheck every box except for email.(this is how the info will be sent to u once server.exe is opened.)
    then ,enter ur email into the box. (unfrortunately. AOL,yahoo,gmail,hotmail will not work.)
    instead register at or for not so monitered emails.
    once this is done, click the "general settings" tab.
    then enter ur desired password and ur desired victims name. you can leave the port how it is.
    leave the other settings the same.
    then click "bind with file" tab, check the "bind with file"box, and click browse.
    from here, u select a program or file that your server will bind with.
    this is basically a disguise for your server.
    afte u do this , click the "server icon" tab. chose "choose new icon" and use the file you bond ur server with.
    now click crate server.
    now you can close out of prorat and search for "binded" on ur start menu.
    now rename the file to the file you originally binded.
    nice job! now u can send ur file to a friend or host it online!!
    when u get the ip adress , open prorat (if u want to connect) and write the ip adress at the top , then click connect!

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